Is the "Disable free member signup" toggle still available in the latest version of Ghost?

Is the “Disable free member signup” toggle still available in the latest version of Ghost? If so, where is it located? I can’t find it. Also, will toggling on this option prevent paid subscribers to automatically default to a free account when they don’t renew their subscription? I thought that I could simply delete the Free tier under the “Settings > Membership” section but oddly, I do not see the ability to delete the tier.

Settings (gear icon) > Membership > Customize Portal, and then uncheck the free tier under signup options.

I’m not 100% certain what happens to a paying subscriber who cancels their plan. I suspect they flip back to the ‘free’ plan. That’s what happens if I cancel a complimentary subscription (even with Free not available for sign-ups). If that’s a concern, make sure your posts are marked as being for paid members only, and only send your newsletter to paying members, so that any lapsed payers who have snuck onto the free tier don’t get your restricted content.

Thank you for the insight. It’s odd because I have seen the toggle referenced in documentation in several locations within the help section, and from the description of the toggle, it sounds like it makes a paid membership required to create an account, i.e. no free accounts. This sounds ideal. Here is an example of the referenced toggle:

Step 3:

I wish it was possible to simply delete the “Free” tier.

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