Adding a category taxonomy

Hello everyone,

I have been running on Hugo for the last 3 years. All my blogs use a category and tag taxonomy.
Although, I do want to move to Ghost, the unavailability of the category taxonomy is being a bummer.
Anyway, I can create a category taxonomy for my requirements?

What are your requirements? What is the functionality that you are missing?

It’s likely you can do what you want with Ghost without having to add a taxonomy :slight_smile:

Features like primary tags and dynamic routing have a lot of flexibility.

I will demonstrate an example.

One of my category is Python Strings.

Now it covers, a lot of topics like

  1. How to create a string in Python?
  2. How to access characters in a Python string?
  3. How to replace characters in a string in Python?
  4. How to concatenate strings in Python?
  5. How to iterate through a string in Python?
  6. Check if a Substring is Present in a Given String in Python
  7. Escape sequences in Python String
  8. Python String Formatting - The Definitive Guide
    9. Common Python String Methods

The last article is a list of common Python String Methods. Each element in the list links to an article on one of the string methods.

Now there are more than 50 string methods. So I use a tag for them - python string methods. That way, the tag only shows the string methods articles and category page is not bombarded with all those articles.

You can visit this page to understand more about how the articles are structured.

It sounds like it’s all perfectly possible with the concepts in Ghost - we just don’t call anything “categories”. It sounds like you probably want to play with channels.