Adding Disqus to Casper creates spacing on top of site

I just followed the official integration of Disqus and, even though it worked, it created a small spacing at the top of every post page.

You can see it at:

I have no idea what happened, as I only changed the comment code to add Disqus.

It’s Not Bug, I Think It’s Your Missing. Please Check Code Again, There have Uncolsed div tag . check post.hbs and disquscomments.hbs again.

I just tried uploading the Casper Theme with only having delete the commments on line 65 and 69 and the text on line 67. It still created the spacing at the top.

I want To Solve Your Problem within 30minutes If Interested Inbox Me.

Hi @joaodesousa :wave:. I can’t see the extra space you’re referring to on that post page? Did you fix it?

Hey David, yes I fixed it. No ideia how tho. I was editing post.hbs using notepad, and then tried it on Atom, and that somehow worked.

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Magic! :sparkles: