Adding mention "You have 75 % left to read" on posts


is there a way to add this kind of message before or in the cta box ?
“This article is reserved for subscribers You have 75 % left to read”


It can be useful for readers and despite a lot of research I haven’t been able to find how to handle this…

Thanks for your help

Do you mean that unless they pay, they can only read 75% of the article? Have you already placed the end of the article in subscriber-only block? If you have, you might want to look at the CTA section of this article: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

i mean that unless they become paid members, visitors can only see the part of the post before the ‘public preview’(25%). So, a reader can’t really know how long is the post after the public preview.
In the screenshot, the message tell him that if a subcribe for a paid tiers he will access to the 75% of the hidden article .
i hope it is clear, sorry for my poor english.

Of course. I just misread your message. Then it sounds like you just need to modify the CTA code, using the resource I linked to.