Feature Request : Split content for paid / non paid

On a PAID/Members post, it would be great to be able to write more PUBLIC content for those that are not yet members.

At the moment it is just the excerpt (limited in length and no formatting) and then a subscribe box.

It would be great to write more feature rich/longer content for the public to better encourage them to subscribe. Explaining what the post covers and why it might be valuable to them etc. And this would be per post, not a generic set of content.

I just posted about this as well. I’d like to pay someone VERY WELL for their time in helping me set this up.

Hi @fimo and @Dotcom. I am also interested in this and found a bit of a work around last night. Basically I store a variable using Javascript in the code injection section for each of my paid posts. This JS variable contains a copy of the full text and html for the portion of the post that I want to include as a free preview. Then I call the variable back in the standard post.hbs page of my theme. If there is nothing in the variable, then nothing extra is posted, but if there is it shows up before the standard “please subscribe” message. Here is a working example (site still under construction):

Let me know if you need any help with this! Feel free to post here or contact me at trevor@thenerdyparent.com I hope this helps, if it is still needed.