Public preview for *premium* members only

Hi. New Ghost (Pro) user, currently using the “Edition” newsletter theme.

I want in public posts to drive readers to the premium subscription after a few paragraphs of text. The obvious thing to do would be to add the ‘public preview’ widget/button, but that only says “this post is for subscribers only” and I want to emphasise that the rest of the post is only for premium/paying subscribers. Is it possible to edit the public preview text or is there another workaround?

Thanks in advance, love the CMS, great to be part of the community.

Out-of-the-box, this depends on the theme, but can be done. However, to do this you need to edit the theme files.

OK thanks. I’ll have a dig. A little frustrated at how little fluidity/UX help there seems to be vis-a-vis ways to nudge people to paid.

It’s easy to email content to premium subscribers only, but in an ideal world gating content to paying subscribers would be a simple thing.

e.g. Currently if I add the public preview I get this when you click it.

I presume that even if I edit the theme files to change the wording of the public preview button so it says “this post is for [premium] subscribers only” there would still be the “already a member: sign in” button at bottom which would allow non-paying members to click through. I’d love to see a super easy way in most themes to gate content to paying subscribers only…

If you set post access to paid, you’ll get the public preview working how you expect in many themes.

I’m not experiencing these issues with the themes I use. If a non-subscriber or subscriber views a paid-only post, they will see the preview and an appropriate message, which changes according to their membership. Signed-in users won’t see a message for posts in their tier.

Folks thanks so much. I’m an idiot. In my theme, when writing a post there are prominent “preview” and “publish” buttons and the publish button did not have the options to do what I wanted. But after further exploring and reading your comments I can see this function in the additional small menu at top right which allows that setting for posts and not just newsletters. All fixed. Thanks again.