Adding Payment Options for Members (quarter, half a year)

Running the latest version. I am wondering if anyone knows what file I should edit or if there’s a snippet available for adding additional subscription options to Ghost?

As of now, monthly and yearly is all there is. It would be nice if I (we) could add quarter and half year, giving the user additional options.

You’ll want to read the last paragraph of the changelog for 4.

If you’re still here and still reading, you might be wondering what’s next. That’s how these things usually go. You spend a couple of years baking a magnificent cake and you say “here is our cake, behold the icing in all its splendour, would you like some?” - and invariably the response is “what will be in the next cake”.

Fair enough.

The next cake is custom plans. Right now Ghost has monthly, yearly and complimentary plans built-in by default, but soon you will be able to define any plan you like with custom properties. Nice.

Yep, fair enough. Thanks.