Pricing tiers - has Ghost 4.0 updated this feature yet?

Is there any update on whether we can include pricing tiers like Patreon?

At the moment there’s monthly and annual tiers with 0 flexibility to add any additional options.

Having a sliding scale is a critical feature for people looking to jump across from other platforms.

Are there any interim workarounds that people are aware of?

Lastly… is there a way to remove the annual option and simply have ONE monthly rate? (My own work around)


Hey @Reanna_Browne,

In regards to tiers, you can check out this thread for more info. But for a very recent update, check out the last section – What’s next? – in Ghost’s blog post announcing v4. Spoiler: it looks like they’re gonna be called custom plans rather than tiers.



Is there a timeline on the roll out for this feature? From all the forum reading Ive been doing it seems like a high demand feature, esp for those wanting to migrate from Patreon. :slight_smile:

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Also very excited for this feature. We’ve been migrating from Patreon, but we’ve been hesitant because we’ll lose subscribers at the higher tiers. We’ve got patrons that have opted to donate at higher levels, some even custom, and of course if they come over now, they’ll have to come in at the lowest level. Ghost is an incredible platform, and very enticing for many, but once it comes out, the tier (or “custom plans”) feature will make it a no brainer for those considering the switch. Hope it’s soon! :slight_smile:

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
I need to know if I may archive the following…

I need to set up 3 free membership, so anyway to separate in group the 3 free members tiers, (tag or something? Automatically?