Adding Web Monetization to Ghost

Hi there, I’ve been using Ghost to host my personal blog for some 5 or 6 years now and I love it a ton. I’ve never contributed before but it’s never to later to start and I think I have an idea that could prove useful! I’ve been exploring web monetization after learning about it in a hackthon being hosted be I thought it would be an awesome hackathon project to add monetization to Ghost.

After looking through the guide it mentioned that new features should be discussed on this forum first and I was wondering if this is worth pursuing. I’ve never contributed to Ghost before and this stack is pretty daunting but I feel like I can figure it out within a reasonable amount of time.

Some other general questions I had about this possible feature are:

  • Would this conflict with the Stripe integration at all? Is it okay for web monetization to co-exist with stripe?
  • Would the payment pointer be site-wide and set by an admin or should each user be able to configure their own payment pointer to receive micro-payments?

TL;DR is this worth pursuing or would it just get shot down?

P.S. please don’t steal my idea for this hackathon! I would love to work on this as I know I’ll learn a lot from it.

Hey Brodan! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: we’re already working on adding pretty extensive monetisation options to Ghost via memberships and subscriptions. We’re not big believers in micropayments over here, but it’s definitely an interesting standard that we’re keeping an eye on!

More info:

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Thanks so much for the quick reply John! Sounds like it’s not a viable idea then :frowning:
Good thing I didn’t spend too much time on it already then. Thanks again for making such an awesome product!

No worries :hugs: