Adding Spaces to Digital Ocean Droplet

Working on this:

Where does one find the details to update the config file as it states:

"storage": {
    "active" : "digitalocean",
    "digitalocean" : {
      "subFolder": "OPTIONAL_SUB_FOLDER_NAME",
      "endpoint" : "${REGION}"

@EBA have you signed up to a Spaces subscription and created a Space in your DigitalOcean dashboard? Docs for Spaces are here

Once you’ve done that then the relevant API keys, secrets, and other information should be on the DigitalOcean dashboard for the Space which you have created.

Yea, I realized after my post that there’s spaces and volumes and they’re two different things.
Not sure why a volume won’t work in this case but I’ll go the spaces route and see if I manage :slight_smile:
Thank you!

Volumes wouldn’t require a storage adapter, you should be able to mount the volume in place of your Ghost site’s content directory because it would still act as if it was local storage.

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I think it actually is better practice to go with spaces.

The below settings are not being accepted. Specifically, the region is highlighted in red:

  "storage": {
    "active" : "digitalocean",
    "digitalocean" : {
        "key": "XXX",
      "secret" : "XXX",
      "region" : “nyc3”,
      "bucket": "atarlife-media",
      "spaceUrl": "",
      "endpoint" : ""

I’m using Cloudflare as the CDN.

Still haven’t been able to solve this. If anyone is open to helping troubleshoot I’d really appreciate it! Eager to get Ghost live :grimacing: