A new bitcoin payments integration - scrib

Wanted to drop a new bitcoin payments integration we built for our site (TFTC.io) and just launched as a standalone product for anyone else who would like to integrate bitcoin payments on their Ghost site. We’re calling the integration scrib (https://scribsat.com/) and right now it allows you to integrate bitcoin payments over the Lightning Network via BTCPay Server, OpenNode, or LN Address. We’re currently in the process of adding more payment processors to the list.

Right now you can use the integration to create individual content paywalls for articles that typically only go to paid members (example here: Issue #1309: The CBDC will be significantly more inconvenient than bitcoin). In the near future you’ll be able to charge for subscriptions in bitcoin, receive donations in bitcoin, and incorporate a “boost” button on an article page that will allow users to automatically send you sats when they hit the button.

Let me know what you think!


I see Scrib has a monthly fee in USD. Can that be paid in BTC instead?

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It’s priced in USD but will only be payable via BTC.

Is that near future closer? :slight_smile:

That’s huge, thanks for sharing! I would chose Monero but I can do it from BTCPay because it supports more currencies.

We can use FixedFloat with BTCPay and that will works like a charm to recieve other crypto-currencies.

I probably want to subscribe to the service but because I really need it, it’s not good for me to pay a subscription for an integration between two open-source projects (no offense, I’m honest).

Could be one-time payment possible? There are plans to open-source the project or something?

@MartyBent I haven’t taken a close look at this yet but my initial impression is that this sounds very cool and useful to add to the Ghost ecosystem. Cheers!