Additional Functionality for Ghost Explore

I think Ghost Explore could do a lot more.

I’m not sure how many people use it—I imagine it’s not being promoted anywhere, so I guess it’s probably just a directory for people who want to see more Ghost blogs—but it could still be improved.

For one, I think it could have a more advanced search function. There could be an option to let your blog posts appear in search results—a relevant blog would obviously go above a relevant post, but this could be very useful, especially for specific searches on obscure topics, and it’s a feature that can’t be provided by generic blog/newsletter directories, but should be very possible for Ghost since it’s all the same API.

We could have an option for people to subscribe to a blog/newsletter directly from within Ghost Explore.

Ghost Explore could also used expanded browsing functionality. you can only get to some of the categories right now. For example, my blog is under the “Fashion & Beauty” category, but there’s no way to find that in the UI without typing the words into the search box. Maybe there should be an option to browse through all categories, or browse through blogs with a free tier of membership.

On top of that, categories could be replaced entirely by a a multi-tag system.

And, instead of just featuring the most popular blogs, there could be a and a rotating set of featured blogs at the top of the page to help people discover new blogs if they visit Ghost Explore twice. This functionality already seems to exist in ghost admin.