A directory of Ghost blogs?

Hi Ghost family!

I’m building a new little site which will host an independently curated list of tools for Ghost sites (think hosts, theme developers, forms providers, analytics etc.)

But… I’m struggling to find a way to browse a wide range of Ghost sites to see which tools are being used commonly on the platform. I have a good starting list of about 10 hosts and tools but there are bound to be many that I’ve missed or not thought of.

Does anyone have a suggestion of how to find Ghost-powered sites?


Oh, and if you have any suggestions for tools to list on the site, just let me know! :slight_smile: The site should launch in the next week or so.


Hey @dan :wave:

I assume you’ve seen the ever increasing list of Ghost sites listed in our showcase thread?


Thanks @DavidDarnes!


Hi Dan,

I’ve been looking for such a directory, and have bookmarked around 30 sites now, happy to share the list with you.

I have found them by searching “Published with Ghost” +TOPIC e.g. “Published with Ghost” +philosophy or “Published with Ghost” +design. I have searched on the usual, but also Bing and DuckDuckGo so to get beyond top known sites and uncover small or new blogs.

Most sites use Casper or one of the standard marketplace themes. I haven’t seen a huge variety of tools used other than Disqus, but maybe I’m just not spotting them. What kind of tools were you looking for?

I posted a few weeks back a similar question, looking for inspiration, to see what different (i.e. not standard theme) things people were doing with Ghost. You can see that thread here: What do you blog about and what creative things have you achieved with your site?

From my searching, some good sites I’m now following include:

Happy to share the other sites I’ve found, and very keen to see anything you’ve come across that’s doing things a bit differently. I’m particularly keen to find sites that are separating their homepage into tags instead of listing all posts, such as @fueko’s Shoji theme.

Cheers, Kate


Welcome to the community @dan!

And thanks for the @mention, @kater!

I was considering adding an old-fashioned “blogroll” on my site at https://Ghost-O-Matic.com. Not sure if/when I’ll get around to that, but feel free to list my site in your offerings, if it fits.

I maintain a page on that site with all of the resources I find for Ghost themes, in addition to front-end tips and tricks.

I look forward to your new site! Please feel free to re-use and re-publish anything you find on my site!


Thanks a lot for this, @kater!

The site will have categories like forms, comments, hosting etc. I’ll be adding services that may not be Ghost-specific, but can enhance any Ghost blog/site.


Mention me when you get the site running, @dan - sounds like a fab resource!
And @denvergeeks its such a shame the blogroll lost favour, bring it back! :slight_smile:

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Happy to receive a mention here! woohhoooo!
@dan that’s a great idea. If you need any help, just scream.


Hi @dan,
Great idea :slight_smile: I can help you.

Here is the list of websites that are powered by ghost. Ghost Themes Showcase | Electronthemes

All these themes built by Electronthemes


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Hi Community,
I am sharing my Ghost blog, just started last month.
show your love with honest feedback :smile:

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