Admin-auth.min.js and App.js errors

Ghost 5.43

I took the casper theme and have been tweaking it to suite my site.

So I’m sure it’s something I’ve done that’s causing the problem.

These errors happen over and over, sporadically. They don’t always happen together like this.

All three of these are inside event listener code that’s listening for ‘message’:

window.addEventListener('message', function (event) {...

Here’s a sample of the code that’s throwing errors:


minor note - why doesn’t the catch just return? We already know t isn’t going to be usable.

my real question is - how can I find the source of the error? I’ve been in the js console on my site all this time and these errors just started popping up in the last day, so I’m sure it’s something I’ve done in my theme, but just not sure what could be triggering it. Where can I start to look?

It caused by Ghost comment turned on.

(a) why would turning on comments do this?

(b) any way to get it to stop without turning off comments?

(c) will comments still work correctly, or is this an indication that they are broken?


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I turned on the native comments section today, and started having the same errors being logged to the console.
Any possible solution or is it intended?