Adstxt file problem please help

I uploaded my ads.txt file to the root folder and its just redirecting to a 404 page. What can I do?

I think you need to take a copy of your theme, add this file to the root folder, re-zip, and then upload.

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This is what I did and its not working. Seems that the Ghost platform does not read .txt as a file. Please help there must be another way that I can show this from my root folder so Google can crawl it.

I just tried this, and it works fine. Make sure you add the file to the theme’s root folder.

Since you’re getting a 404, double check folder used, and file permissions. I assume you can open robots.txt?

Is there a way your team can clear the cache on your side for the server?

I’m a community member, just like you.

However, if you’re a Ghost(Pro) customer, contact support via email at support at ghost dot org.