Trying to add "ads.txt" to the root directory

I’m trying to add the file “ads.txt” to my root directory for solving some problems with Google Adsense. I already uploaded my theme with that file in the theme’s root directory and restarted Ghost, but when I try to access the file (, I’m getting 422 error: Validation (isSlug) failed for slug.

What can I do?


Hey there, just clicked on the link and there’s some sort of Google verification ID on it now. I guess it’s working now?

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I don’t want to open a new topic. I just came across this problem too. How can I upload this ads.txt to the not self hosted Ghost Plattform?

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You’ll have to check with who you’re hosting Ghost with as to how you can upload txt files

@Reto for static .txt files you can put them in your theme’s root directory, regardless of who’s hosting your Ghost instance

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I don’t have a self-hosted installation of Ghost. It’s the Ghost(pro) Plan Basic


@Reto as I said, the technique works regardless of who’s hosting your Ghost instance, so it’s exactly the same for Ghost(Pro) as for self-hosters

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Hm, ok. I don‘t get it. This means I can access the theme file myself, if yes - how?

You can download and upload themes from the admin under “Design”, see here for more details: