How to Solve "Missing Ads.txt" in Google Adsense

How to solve the missing “ads.txt” in Ghost. I have file but don"t know where to upload that file. In wordpress i used to use the plugins or simply upload to the root direcroy and it start working but in ghost i tried to upload the file in root directory but found 404 when i access via url.

You’re going to put it in the theme’s root folder, not the root folder of the Ghost install. Folks who aren’t self-hosting can download the theme zip file, unzip, drop in ads.txt, rezip and re-upload. If you’re self-hosting, you can just put it into content/themes/themename/


@Cathy_Sarisky Thank you, Its working now,

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I did exactly this, but it’s not working and can’t find any solutions in the forum. I’m using ghost pro. Do I have to add a line of code somewhere or is the “ads.txt” file in the the theme’s root folder enough?

What you’re describing sounds fine, @Pe1per . Can you link the site? this is the site. Sorry for the late answer, I missed ur reply.

Something’s not right there, I agree. Can you show where the ads.txt file is, and what the contents are?

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First screenshot is the zip folder, second the txt file

That looks right to me. Since you’re a Ghost Pro customer, @Pe1per , I think it makes sense to contact them via email ( and ask them to take a look.

While you’re waiting for their reply… it probably makes sense to go into the Ghost dashboard, download the theme marked active, and confirm that the .zip file really does contain ads.txt. If I had a nickel for every time I’d thought I’d made a fresh zip file, or thought I’d activated a new copy of the theme but hadn’t, I’d have a lot of nickels! :slight_smile:

Weird, I was hoping I did something wrong :D I just contacted support and double-checked the active zip/theme file, the ads.txt file is definitely in there. Thank you for your help!

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