After import the data,the user to be locked and unable to register

The data is exported from a server, and then imported in the backend of another website, prompting the user to be locked and unable to register.

There is a lock icon behind the user.

If I invite to add a new user, I can’t register, and the prompt: “There is a lock icon behind the user”.

I don’t know if it’s the Ghost version. The previous version is 3.28, and the version installed on the migrated server is 3.33.
Ask how to solve it. Thank you, wait for your reply online.

Locked users already exist which is why you can’t create a new user with the same email :slight_smile: you just need to have the locked user reset their password

Thank u for your reply.But i tried it,alse tell me “Request was rejected because user is not permitted to perform this operation.”

I have done it,THX.