Cannot change password for migrated user (nor reactivate user for a migrated blog)

Hey all,

I’m getting an error when I’m trying to change the password of a moved blog’s existing user. I am the owner of the site and the user is an Administrator. When I try to change the password to reactivate the user (as it comes locked after the migration via imported json) it gives me the error below, although there is no area in the user page to add an existing/old password (I am trying to change the password of another user, not mine).

Validation (FieldIsRequired) failed for [“oldPassword”]

Maybe there should be a check for user status and the settings icon, which now gives the following options: make owner, delete user, suspend user (their logical order should be make owner, suspend user, delete user - as the delete user is the logical last step imho), to also provide an option to reactivate user…


I have solved this by manually locking (though user was already locked, but there was no option to unlock as the user status was messed up) and then unlocking the user.

Sounds very much like you ran into this issue here:

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