After moving Ghost to an other Server I get errors


I moved my ghost Installation to an other server. But I get these errors:
Ghost errors

This is an part of the corrupt code in config.production.json

  "mail": {
"from": "kontakt@domain.tld",
"transport": "SMTP",
"options": {
  "service": "sendmail",
  "host": "mail.domain.tld",
  "port": 465,
  "secureConnection": true,
  "auth": {
    "user": "kontakt@domain.tld",
    "pass": "password"

You need to use a valid mail service like Mailgun. Take a look at our mail configuration docs and compare it with your config:

I can’t use my own Mailserver for outgoing Mails?

I would strongly suggest using a service suggested in our documentation as that’s what they’re designed for :slight_smile:

"service": "sendmail",

This is the problem line. "sendmail" is not a known service in the nodemailer library that Ghost uses. You can see the known services here

I suggest simply removing the line because you’re not configuring a connection to a known service and you’re explicitly configuring your SMTP server’s connection details.