Email setup for ghost in production mode

Hello all, I’ve setup a server running ubuntu 16.04, nginx and installed ghost via ghost-cli and it has all went well except for email setup, the default settings don’t work so I wanted to change it to a mailgun setup and I’ve added all the dns entries needed for the domain but I’m not sure about the best method to change ghosts config to use mailgun. Some simple pointers would be great.


Hey @Sp4rkR4t :wave: Do the mail config docs help at all?

Honestly they are just confusing, I can see the mention of the config file and found the production config file in my setup but when I added the info in that file (which was blank when I opened it) and restarted ghost nothing seemed to have changed.

Sorry I’m a moron who can’t check their typing, adding the correct settings to the real file sorted it.

Sorry to bother you.

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