Unable to get mails running

Dear Ghost users,

I need your help to set-up mail configuration (version 2.2.2).
I’ve followed docs very carefully, but still, it is not working. (https://docs.ghost.org/docs/mail-config).

I decided to go for Mailgun. Mailgun itself is configured and verified.
Then I updated my prod config by creating config.production.json file in mail installation directory. I looks following (this is the entire file, nothing else is there):

    "mail": {
	    "transport": "SMTP",
         "options": {
              "service": "Mailgun",
               "auth": {
                    "user": "xxx",
                    "pass": "xxx"

I’m pretty sure, I’m editing the right file, because depending on it’s content I got the different error messages.

When I login to the ghost admin and I try to send e-mail I got following error:
Cannot create property 'mailer' on string 'SMTP'

Does anyone know what can be wrong?

Thank you so much in advance.

I think I found the cause. I don’t know how it happned, but I had installed wrong version of nodemailer. Once I’ve changed it to the once that is installed by default with ghost, this error disappeared.

Sorry for bothering you

cool, glad you found the issue :slight_smile: