After switching to SSL images imported from WP are not displayed, links are broken

I have recently installed ghost on a self-hosted site.
After I enabled SSL the images imported from wordpress are not displayed. The link to the image works, just that there is a string to the end of the link, from the wordpress import, but that used to work
The situation:
If I inspect the html file the path is relative, there is no http:// or https://
I run the ghost-CLI command to add the https, but nothing changed
All new posts work flawless
I use Cloudflare strict SSL
If I remove the image and add it again it works…
The link to the images work, but I have to remove the string. This is how the link looks like

LE: I removed the string manually from json file and the image now displays correctly…
LE2: The hash was generated by a wordpress plugin… I removed it and reexported the json
Now everything works fine