Allow Ghost (Pro) users to use custom Portal.js code

Hi there!

First, just want to say thank you to the Ghost team. The platform looks awesome to me, the ethos of OSS is strong, and I’m very much in support of paying for great services like Ghost’s PaaS.

That said, I would love to see a way for Ghost (Pro) users to customize functionality in the Portal JS injection.

Currently, Ghost (Pro) users that pay $25+ for hosting have methods for adding tons of new functionality to the site through themes. These can be forked from existing themes so someone a creator with a little bit of technical experience can make something that they need to update their site. That’s awesome.

I find it frustrating that the Membership platform is so limited in its functionality when it’s the way that creators are sustaining themselves. The feature I’m interested in is a sliding-scale pricing component. Someone can choose to pay $15/month and get access to the $10/month tier.

The options to do this are either:

  • self-host all of Ghost and update the location of Portal.js to include this component
  • don’t use any of Portal’s features and roll your own Membership functionality through a theme
  • offer custom stripe checkout links and provide an inconsistent UX from a different page

Hopefully, the pain point is self-evident. Each of these has a pretty large downside for a simple HTML/CSS/JS add-on that could have a potentially massive impact on a Ghost user’s income.

So - I would love if there were the option for a custom price component that allows the user to pay more for a tier if they desire. But more so, I think it would be really useful to allow Ghost (Pro) users to edit/override the Portal.min.js injection with their own forked version without having to host the entire Ghost platform themselves.

Examples of Ghost users attempting to complete this functionality:

If there’s another path forward that would allow this kind of customization I would love to talk about it!