Update member labels via front-end — planned?

Are there any plans in the roadmap to allow users to update their own labels?

I found a form that allows that, but it only works on initial sign-up. The person who wrote it says that there is currently no way to update an existing member via the front-end, so there’s nothing you can add to a theme to make it work.

I have a series of perks that paying members can choose from, since not everyone wants all of them. I currently do this with a Google Form I send them after they sign up, but that process is not ideal.


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Send them to a custom page after a successful signup. Embed a form (google forms would work fine) on that page. You can even use Zapier to take their form input and put it in the their assigned note field.

With ghost 5.0 you can even have Zapier opt them in and out of your segmented newsletters, in case those are the levels of perks you are referring to.

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I hadn’t thought of using the welcome page to host a form! Will definitely check that out, since I already send a personal email as well when someone signs up. Thanks!