Alt text for images pasted into a blog post


It’s not possible to copy and paste an image into a blog, and write alt text for that image. To add alt text to an image you have to either:

  • Upload the image to an external image hosting site, make the tag in HTML and add alt text, putting that into your blog
  • Upload the image to an external image hosting site, and add it via markdown with alt text.
  • Upload an image to a blog post (draft blog post), preview that draft blog post, copy image location, paste it into your blog post with either HTML / Markdown and write the alt text that way

What I think would work nicely:

When you click an image you’ve uploaded, you get this nice box:

It would be nice to see an “alt-text” button that letts you write alt text for the image :grin:

See also this post on automatically adding alt text:

Small update: You can add alt text if you add a Markdown card, upload the image via the card and change the alt text there. The image is not centered in the editor, but it’s centered in the post

Heads up to this idea being currently implemented (landed in master) and will be shipped as a part of coming Tuesday release (probably 2.25.10) :tada:

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Thank you SO much!!!
I really appreciate this, a lot!!!
I cannot thank you all enough.