Alt text on featured image upload

If I had a clue how the editor works, I’d had a demo to show which should suffice an argue.

Featured image. Can we get an option to add an alt attribute? My SEO tools are complaining about missing alt attributes. Could the caption text gets added to the alt? Ok we could go the markdown route but there’s no upload. It’d be nice to upload, set title and that’s it. A workaround would be to upload your image, get the url then use markdown. Seems…long, right?

My spidey sense tells me this is a duplicate :grimacing:

Alt text and title attributes are definitely on our radar.

As for the markdown card, it does have an upload feature :slight_smile: You can either drag and drop images onto it whilst in edit mode (the main editor also supports drag and drop btw :wink:) or you can click on the upload image icon in the markdown toolbar to get a file selector:


OMG! You mean to say, I did not looked properly? :grimacing::grimacing: Thanks!