How do I add alt texts to images when using the Koenig editor?

Ghost version: 2.4.0

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Signed up to request this. Most images (on any site) shouldn’t be posted without alt text so please add this feature for blind and low-vision users.

You could use code blocks and use an <img/> tag. What do you think about that?

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Hey - it’s possible to add alt text using Markdown, for example:

You can type this Markdown directly into the editor (without using a card) and it will automatically render your image with the alt tag, and allow you to use the usual image size features.

You can also achieve similar results by using an HTML card as @fillipvt mentioned.

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@fillipvt @Kym thanks for the suggestions.

Are there any plans to make this available within the Koenig editor’s image control?



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