Amazon Modern Widget for Ghost


For my personal needs, I’m implementing a small NodeJS project to integrate Amazon product to my Ghost posts.

This project is named AMW for Amazon Modern Widgets :

Todo :

  • Translate the product card
  • Add new format of cards
  • Fix the RWD issue on small devices.

I would like that AMW can provide an Opensource alternative to the famous AAWP plugin for Wordpress for Ghost users.

Cheers !

This is a very cool thing! Im an amazon affiliate user and was thinking about something similar for a while. Will try to test this out and see how it goes!

Thanks for sharing.

Thank-you !
I use Microcache on NGINX to avoid to spam Amazon PAAPI.
If you are inspired you can propose another kind of product card :wink:

Cheers !

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Sure! I’ll keep you posted

Just publishing a 1.2.0 release that supports seach products and multilingual :

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I am using ghost blog with Docker. I want to use this, but I couldn’t quite understand the setup. Do you have a chance to explain it in a simpler way? Thank you…

Note: Google Translate

New update to 2.3 that support savings and optimize banners look & feel.