An additional reason for some sort of media library

(I realize I am starting a large number of topics. Sorry; new to Ghost, and lots of questions / suggestions.)

A reason for adding a media library to Ghost:

In my current Wordpress installation, I have over 5,000 images. Some are shot by our own photographers (we’re a news site), some are licensed, and some are public domain.

In the media library, I always enter the metadata to indicate where the image came from. I usually include that attribution in the caption as well.

Now with Ghost, I have to keep two things: image files stored in some sort of storage, AND a separate spreadsheet with all the metadata for those images. When I want to add a featured image that I have already obtained, I have to find it in the spreadsheet, find the file, then upload the file (sometimes for the umpteenth time) and copy the metadata from the spreadsheet into the caption.

I understand there are various integrations with Azure and Google Drive. Unfortunately, those are added at the Ghost server level, and I do not have FTP access to my Ghost installation.

I’m committed to moving to Ghost from WP, for a number of reasons – but the lack of a media library, and the immature nature of the admin side of the system, is making it harder than it should be.

Please consider some way of better integrating media images and metadata with the tool. Thanks!

Totally agree, I have also moved from WordPress and I too think that there are several administrative management improvements that Ghost could do with and media management is definitely one of them.

Hello, Same with me. If you have a lot of images, it becomes difficult. A media manager would be nice…