Add a Media Library

Not sure why Ghost doesn’t have a media library. It’s in Ghost’s best interest as far as storage space goes.

If you want to re-use media, you have to keep re-uploading a new version of it each time.

I know you can create a post or page and upload media there and try to re-use it by grabbing the file link, but this is a pretty silly thing to have to do. I don’t recall using any other CMS that doesn’t have a media library.

What are the reasons against it?

I remember them talking about the fact that an image doesn’t take much space, so a media library it’s somewhat “unnecessary”. I don’t agree with this statement, and it’s quite annoying having to use 3rd party software to remove the unused images and so on.

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Hi @DustinG and @block

Perhaps they could help give more visualization and votes to this prototype file and media manager.

Link in Ghost Forum: Prototype: New File Management

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That’s very cool and ghost style. Wordpress file manager is terrible.

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