Analytics for your blog

This is not an idea but a general question. Can we have that category?

I need to get some analytics for my blog and I wish to do anyway with scripts that would get blocked since the rise of ad blockers. I would not use Google Analytics in this case. Though it’s ok, I would not get accurate results. Has anyone implemented their own analytics? I assume you’d have to track from a CDN or server which means no JavaScript involve?

I’m only interested in page/post views from x country and where they came from.

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That’s the Help category, I’ve moved your topic there for you :)

You may want to check out this topic for some initial ideas Simple ghost stats/analytics.

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You may all also give Matomo (former known as Piwik) a try.

Works pretty well. :wink:


Hello @KranzKrone ,

I am trying to setup Matomo with Ghost. After, i unzipped the folder to var/www/html, i tried to start the installer. I could not start it. Can you walk me through an installation (at the high level) ?

I could walk you through the Process, when I would still use the command line. :smirk:

I use a managed Hosting Company named for Ghost and for Matomo an older GUI-Hosting Company called, both only German.

Maybe you should ask around in the Support forum at Matomo.

Thanks for addressing my question. I am sure you are missing the cli. Anyway, I think this is an issue in my nginx setup. I could get a self-hosted fathom to sporadically work. i ve tried on stackoverflow but will post to the matomo forum.