Any dev interested in $ to see if can plug in with draft state?

sort of unrelated to most requests in this particular DEV forum, just wondering if any devs would be down to figure out, and document (in detail) an integration with or a similar tool that addresses this particular feature/idea request of mine from earlier:
Editorial Assistant /Content Review Role with integration?

to clarify, if you could figure this out, i would gladly pay you (within reason!) to figure it out and document the app and integration for the larger ghost community - it sounds like many people could use a commenting-rights role (on drafts as well as published, but drafts are much more important), and without granting full editorial permissions (!)


custom: (webhooks, not zapier!)

imho, what i’m struggling with, and not just because i’m not an engineer, is how one might access “draft state” without editor rights…

This is an interesting question.

There’s not a good way to hack the ghost admin side that doesn’t involve changes to core, although it’s possible to write one’s own code and run it separately, via access to the api. (This is the approach I took on Phantom Admin.)

BUT, there’s a lot of flexibility to add code to the front end, either with custom theme pages or code injection. So one approach might be to create a custom tier and put posts that are effectively ‘drafts’ into that tier, with no other access or visibility for any other tier. Then you make your content commenters members of that tier. So they’re looking at a published page and since it’s the front-end, you could add the widget javascript code to the page using the theme (or code injection).

And then it’d just be a question of going to to look at the feedback, or else telling what issue tracker you want your feedback sent to.

looks like marker heard my direct request to them earlier - what do you think:

Looks like it! :)

If you’re not limited to how many staff users you can have, this might be all you need.

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btw, my apologies: this is a very clever workflow hack, and then simply hide the tier from signups and add editorial assistants as complementary subscriptions! main idea behind marker is the location-specific commenting ability around long-form content. it also allows for workflow tweaks and adoption of an editorial process, replete with triaging for actual editors with rights, etc

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