Editorial Assistant /Content Review Role with Marker.io integration?

it looks like quite a few people are looking for what feels like an “editorial assistant” or “content review” kind of role, based on discussions like:


as a writer, there are a number of people i’d like to invite in to review drafts for commenting, though not for editorial review per se. this might be akin to an editorial assistant for topics like subject research, clarification of random points/writing, or even for friends we might invite in to review pending posts - BUT without the rights to fully edit or administer other roles, users, et al

following a traditional publishing model, which ghost aims to do (at least that’s my hot take) - i would absolutely LOVE to see a simple annotation tool for commenting and “clearing comments” - so really no different from what happens when somebody is given “comment” rights on a shared Google Doc with perhaps a few variations specific to content production and a professional writing workflow.

i understand that this is not a priority, so in lieu of begging ghost dev to prioritize this, might there be a way to achieve this with any known chrome extension or other resource?

for example: would leveraging the existing solution (a robust, permissions-based resource) from https://marker.io/ work? i’m just not sure how it would work with draft state on ghost.org**

with Marker specifically, they support webhooks: Webhooks Integration | Marker.io Help Center

it can be a custom app in their interface, and delivers payload to ghost, so if there is a way to get this working, my site will not be live for several weeks and i would be more than happy to test and abuse a feature set on a few mock drafts! ajude-me!

also i have a very strong engineering friend from the valley who can help take the load off of ghost to set this up on my side (he can bring the nerd heat! and in all seriousness, he’s the guy who coded, from scratch, products like VidIQ, so if there’s a chrome extension - open source - that could be modified to support ghost, i could try to cajole him into modifiying if it’s a reasonable request, or perhaps sponsor the development myself, becuase i would LOVE to see a ghost “draft and publication feedback” chrome extension with lightweight permissions! )

and also note existing chrome extensions:

(but again, “draft state” requires editor level permissions to view any other author draft!)

UPDATE: looks like this won’t work properly when items are in draft state, though a workaround is to publish to a new tier that is hidden. however, i struggle to justify paying more for basic commenting and workflow (all i need) with marker than i pay for the entire publishing platform…now working on alt solutions…