Any Theme or Design Changes I can do to get more sign ups?


I have dismal signup rates of 3 per month on my website though I get about 4k/5k visitors.

Is there any design changes or a paid theme that I need to buy to get more sign ups happening?

In case you have seen any design which is converting more, do post links.

Thank You!

Hey @manojnayak, it might be easier for people to give you advice if you post a link to your website.

Oh yes. I have two ghost blogs (same theme) at

Hi Manojnayak,

From my initial review of your site, here’s what I notice:

  1. People are not going to voluntarily click to sign up on a small subscribe button (top right-hand corner). They must be engaged with Marketing Funnels. Somewhere in the top area of the site home-page, you should have a campaign of what solutions your site offers to people and why they need to sign-up; include a form for them to enter their email, immediately. This may offer some slight customization (sorry, I specialized in marketing not coding).
  2. At the bottom of the page a Newsletter Form also needs to be present, on all your pages, this way, when visitors are reviewing the site they are reminded of what to do next.
  3. You offer readers, a lot of quality content but sometimes space is needed (limit how much content is shown, on the Home page) so they can actually SEE what they are looking at. May I ask, what theme are you using? Themes are very important depending on the marketing style of the content. Think of the marketinfg first, then content second, approach. And here’s why?

You have Free Post “Newsletter” a “summary if you will” of topics, then you have a specific post pertaining to each category.

Start with only focusing on getting visitors to Get The Free Weekly Newsletter in their inbox, have none for public view (this is what solution you offer concept), they will sign-up (because it’s FREE). Promote the Newsletter approach first. Then the visitor will select the link from the navigation bar (as you currently have set) and visit the category link they are interested in.

That’s a start and hope it helps!

Hey Gypsy Rides,

Thanks for the detailed answer. I am trying to see what actionable insights I can implement from your post.

You wanted to know what theme I am using? I am using the default ghost theme called Casper 4.04. Let me know if you know of a better theme I can implement? Don’t mind paying for it.

Your Suggestions

1. Engaging with marketing funnels.

Yes, I am trying to implement all the suggestions in these detailed landing page guide here and here.

2. Sign Up form at the Bottom

The theme I am currently using doesn’t support it. So changing to a more signup friendly theme seems to be a panacea for all my woes.

3. Limit Content on Home Page

Again changing the theme will fix it.

4. Newsletter shouldn’t be shown publicly.

Again a limitation of the theme where I am not able to filter out what I don’t want to be shown on the home page.

5. Start with focussing on getting visitors to get the free newsletter.

Yes, I will use these detailed landing page guide here and here. to achieve the same.

Thanks again mate.


I realised that just writing content is not enough. Writing itself is just a hard job in itself, but then one needs to develop these complimentary skills of optimising the design in a marketing funnel sort of way. I hope the Ghost Team listens to this and reduces as much friction as possible for writers. Don’t really want plain Jane design of substack but still easy configurations which is achieved in Wordpress via plugins.