Anyone else seeing page too wide errors?

Is anyone else using the new landing pages seeing Google search console report that the pages are too wide for mobile? Specifically when using the new header cards, side by side?

Their crawler’s display does indeed show a borked page, but it looks perfect on my phone. Stumped.

Https://www.spectralweb - and only that page!

Me too, but Google Search Console said Video Youtube Embed instead.

I found it. Or anyway, I found part of it.

Apparently the Google crawler doesn’t scroll, it increases the page height. Content wider than screen but is not ! - Google Search Central Community

Unfortunately, the card formatting has a couple of vmax settings, which means that when you have a fairly long page, the value for that becomes ridiculous, and in the case of horizontal padding, causes the page to no long fit the screen.

The specific fix that got my page to validate was this in code injection .kg-header-card-text, .kg-header-card-text {
    padding: 10vh 4vw;

If you’re using the new split header card, you probably need to add this or else you’re going to fail with Google search console and have your nice new landing pages not appear in mobile search.

You can test this in Google Search Console (and see your errors - highly recommended), or here’s a no-registration-needed tool:

I pinged the team on this one. Seems like it might need a fix