Archive Page for Headline Theme

I’m pretty new to ghost and finally just couldn’t take WordPress any longer. I migrated 20 years of content semi-successfully. I really love the Headline theme. I tried to find the author but could not find attribution other than to the ghost team. Because I have such a backlog, I would like to create an archive page (feel free to talk me out of this if archives are dumb). I’ve found many excellent instructions online and those were helpful. I’m mostly have a style issue. I can create a new archived page but not having much luck matching the css styles.

Has anyone created an archive page for Headline that includes css? Thanks for your help.

Hi :wave:

Are you able to share your code or the page URL?

If I was doing this, I’d probably just use the tab.hbs file as a starting point, as it’s essentially an archive page. You’ll just need to update the data to match your use case: Headline/tag.hbs at main · TryGhost/Headline · GitHub

Thank you! I will check this out. My site is