HEADLINE Theme - New Page for specific Posts

Hi Team,

I need your help with structuring my website as I am unable to replicate what I am seeing on the pictures of the HEADLINE theme.

I am completely new to Ghost.Org and am planning on starting my own blogging/news website with this platform. Currently, I am on the free trial, and will upgrade to the starter once the free trial is over.

How can I manage to create a new Page where posts will be shown with a specific tag?

So for example: I am creating a post, and it is for the category “Business”. I would like this post to appear on the Home Page (in the “Latest”) as well as in the “Business” Page.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance for your help
Best wishes

Jann, welcome to Ghost!

I’m going to answer a couple common questions about headline, because I’m not sure 100% which one you’re asking. If it’s none of these, please clarify! :)

I think you’re wanting to have a page that shows all the business posts, right? So those posts appear automatically at /tag/business (assuming the slug of the business tag is ‘business’ - you can check this from /ghost > tags ). You can add links to these tag pages by going to /ghost > settings (gear icon) > navigation.

If you’re trying to get a business section on the homepage, you need to list it in the theme settings. You do that from /ghost > settings (gear icon) > design and branding - look for a ‘homepage’ tab on the right side and enter the tag’s slug (probably something like business, all lower case), along with any other tag slugs that should appear in a section of the homepage.

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Hi Cathy,
and thank you for being with me here.

For clarification: I am looking to replicate this headline theme: https://headline.ghost.io/

I will try this out now, creating some test posts. Won’t be long :slight_smile:

Hi Cathy,

wow, this is fantastic, thank you so much for showing me the way.

I tried to create a website like this on WordPress using Elementor, but it took me months to figure out how to do it properly, and then lost myself in the details. Now within minutes it all works as I want it to! this is amazing!

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