Alternative payment platforms

Stripe is an awesome payment processor that… many like me don’t have access to. The next best option is of course PayPal, people usually don’t like it because of high fees and other things but for the rest of us it’s still the only option to get access to the rest of the world.

Next would be an integration with a bitcoin payment processor (or getting each ghost account a wallet). which would be awesome of course, and will prove to be more reliable during these kinds of crisis.

Thank you :smiley:

It’s already possible. Have you read this thread?

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Hey Hannah, yes, that’s actually my first alternative. Nonetheless, more direct payment integrations would be great as the platform evolves. Thank you!

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@anon37512170 that’s not entirely correct about Zapier. The time periods are only relevant if you’re using a polling trigger, Ghost at least (and most payment integrations that I’m aware of) uses a webhook based system which is near instant no matter which Zapier plan you are on - you can see this in Zapier’s interface when looking at triggers, they’ll either say “Instant” or “Polling”.

No, that’s to create your own webhook trigger outside of an app. Instant vs Polling is determined by how the App integration is coded. You can see examples of what I mean when you look at the Ghost App’s triggers:

Looking at some apps such as PayPal, it does appear that they are only available on a premium plan now but that’s the minimum paid version of Zapier not their professional/team plans.

Yes, I just noticed… so I really do still have to pay just to make it possible…

Hey guys,

First of all, thanks for Ghost. It’s a amazing publishing platform. I see nothing wrong with Stripe (they are really a good payment provider) but would be really nice to see Ghost in the next level accepting Bitcoin.

I think it could be done using something like:
1- You input your BTC wallet at Ghost panel
2- If someone choose to subscribe using Bitcoin, Ghost will track if the amount of BTC was received on the specified wallet using some blockchain API
3- If the amount was received, payment is set as complete.

I know, it’s a lot of work, but I think it would be really a cool idea, so I’m just leaving this here as a suggestion.