Memberships payment methods?

Hello all, I’m considering Ghost for my SaaS, I saw that Stripe is the only payment method, are there any plans to add PayPal, because in Europe Creditcards not used so much in the non-business world(normal middle class). This would mean a huge loss of potential customers. Also, it is a must-have for every Membership shop to have the option for creating Coupons that we can give out, is this possible?


You can try the PayPal + Ghost integration

This seems a not so professional solution because the Member system of Ghost and this PP Buttons have no connection or have they?

According to the integration guide, the connection happens using Zapier:

Zapier automatically creates new Members in Ghost each time someone makes a successful sale from your PayPal buttons:

This is useful if you’d prefer to use PayPal as a payment provider instead of Stripe, or if you want to create one-off payments as well as subscriptions.

Yeah but then I depend again on one more app “Zapier”, I would love to see coming everything from the product I use “Ghost”. However, this is a general issue in the serverless/headlessCMS/BaaS market every single one is missing a proper way of monetizing App/Website with subscriptions and also have Stripe/PayPal & Coupon management, Ghost is however the one cms that comes closest to this but still, most features are missing what a successfully App/WebApp monetization needs, you still need a lot of patch-work and third-party tools like Zapier what I don’t want to depend on. This is exactly the reason why people still use WordPress, because Woo is so flexible and strong.

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Stripe accepts debit cards, that are used everywhere in europe, i don’t really get your premise

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The percentage of people actually use them to buy stuff online is very small, PayPal is nr.1 in Europe

Still no PayPal?

I second this. Please integrate Paypal in an easy way.

I’m in the Philippines, and Stripe is not available in my country… Please have a Paypal option

Also looking for more payment options. I use Square and just realized Ghost is no longer looking like a good out of the box solution.

Stripe is not providing any services in my country. More of this, my business is worldwide so I don’t want to be bound by a single country.
What’s the easiest way to make a custom integration so I can add my own API for all the Members features?