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I got my blog rolling and saw the team feature. I was more than happy to know that I could include people in the mix and invite them on to the platform it self to start editing. But I noticed one huge feature discrepancy:

There is no article history/revisions.

Seemingly what one would have to do is set up either a private github repo or use Google Docs to then copy paste… which completely defeats the purpose of having an “editor” role in the first place. I guess you could say that the editors job is to fix spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc, content that will be replaced and that won’t be missed. But that’s actually just one part of it (depending upon what field of writing we’re talking about here). An editor (in my particular genre) requires not only rephrasing, fact-checking, etc, but also framing. How one frames a certain situation, individual, group, organization, etc, is as important and without article history it’s hard to reference previous edits in the editorial discussion. The editor will make a change, ping the author about it and “the discussion” will start. When I say “discussion” I mean the authoer makes a draft, the editors edits, the author reviews, makes changes, the editor reviews, makes changes, etc, etc, etc, untill the final draft - at which point it will be published.

As it stands now the editorial process will have to happen outside of the admin panel, something that’s kind of ineffective. The result is that my friend, who will serve as an editor, setup an account for no reason. Now I have to mock up articles in Google Docs and when finished copy-paste the article once it’s done. This does not include photos or other shared content. Links will have to be put in brackets, or my friend will have to learn Markdown (which is easy, yes, but he will not be learning it any time soon).

It seems to me that this feature should have been implemented some time ago and that it will most likely won’t be implemented outside of a future milestone update. But I beg you: Ghost is pretty awesome. If we could see the editorial process from beginning to end in the form of a timeline and the differences made in that process it would make a huge impact on not only productivity, but also content delivery and editorial integrity.

Thanks for reading!

I’m still relatively new to Ghost and this is by far the most missed feature. My biggest problems is that if you make a mistake, once the mistake is saved, it’s impossible to revert back. We already managed to destroy a few articles that way and we had to rewrite them from scratch.

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Step 1 of this was shipped in Ghost 2.2.1 - we now store 10 revisions of every post in the database, protecting against accidental overwrites meaning content is lost forever (which was the really awful thing).

Step 2 will be to add a UI for switching between revisions / restoring them

Step 3 will be to extend revisions beyond 10 and handle the whole thing more comprehensively


The version control features sound great!

John, do you have a recommended approach for providing editorial feedback/comments on a draft post? Is that a feature Ghost is working on or are there integrations that one could use to achieve a similar result?

It’s something I’d like to see in Ghost for sure. Not something we have on the core-team roadmap atm, but definitely open to contributions from others who are interested in working on it.

Today, one contributor had edit one of my post with Microsoft Edge and all images, Markdown were lost… All of my post is broken. Several days of work lost :scream:

A historic of versions is not useful! It is primordial!

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I lost a long, and very well written post today. I unfortunately paniced and clicked around a bit too much trying to get it back.

Now I know that I can go into the table “mobiledoc_revisions” and see the most recent 10 versions of a post.

Unfortunately I clicked around more than 10 times. Maybe my next write up will be better.

I was really sad to see this not included in Ghost 3.0. It’s literally the thing our team is waiting for and may force us to move away. Massive oversight for a blogging platform.

This would have been a great feature (not sure why this was removed from 3.0).

I was going through a very old post (saved as a draft) which was written in Markdown (Since I am a Ghost user since 2015). Accidentally, I pressed enter while I was in markdown editor, Instead of creating a new line, it completely erased all of the markdown content (which is very weird since I saw the cursor blinking in markdown area).

Since all of the draft content was saved in markdown, I pretty much lost entire blogpost :frowning_face: :cry:

Not sure what my mistake was, but when it comes to a blogging/CMS platform, a history of drafts is an absolute must-have when the Autosave is turned on by default.


Please, please, pretty please . . . how can I help nudge this along?

I really need this . . .

Do we need some funding?

I would contribute . . .

It’s not on the core roadmap, it’s certainly available to be worked on by open source contributors. You’re welcome to look at it, or fund someone to look at it, if it’s important to you :slight_smile:

I might be willing to fund it if someone capable comes with a plan.

In the meantime, I’ve documented here one way to access the 10 revisions that are currently stored in the SQLite database . . .

Hei @John

Can we see the core roadmap on or something like that? It will be nice.

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For our usage this is a huge gap in Ghost and one that requires a lot of workaround. I tried to clone the repository to poke around adding support in the Admin interface but unfortunately I’m unable to get Ghost to run in a development environment :frowning:. Posted a new topic about getting the contribution instructions updated in the hopes I can try tinkering with this!