Attempting to follow the "how to add social networks" but don't have referenced .hbs files

Hi all,

I have a Droplet on DigitalOcean currently running Ghost 4.8.3 with Casper 4.0.5 installed as the theme. I am attempting to follow the How to add social networks to your Ghost site tutorial in the developer docs (so that I can add additional social icons to the navigation bar), but I am running into a major issue—namely, that there is no site-nav.hbs partial in the downloaded Casper theme directory.

I’m relatively new to Ghost after being a recreational Wordpress user for years. I’ve enjoyed how streamlined it is in comparison (and the integrated sign-up opportunities for readers is great), but the social media link limitations have really left me scratching my head.

If anybody can help direct me to an updated tutorial, I would be very grateful! So far, everyone on this forum has been really kind and patient, and I really appreciate it.

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Hi @josephjwilk,

In the latest version of Casper that file doesn’t exist and the {{navigation type="secondary"}} is added directly in the default.hbs (footer section).

Here is the link to the code:

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Thank you so much, @bironthemes! It seems that to get the navigation icons in the header of the site (like they outline in the tutorial), I would then just use the {{navigation type="secondary"}} code from that tutorial in the header section of the default.hbs file.

Two (hopefully) quick clarifying questions for you:

  1. Am I still creating a new navigation.hbs template file in the partials folder, like they do in the tutorial?

  2. Occasionally, there will be code in the tutorial that says <figure class="kg-card kg-code-card">. Is it safe to assume that is just code for the tutorial page itself, being improperly rendered—or should I be including it in the .hbs files?

Thank you again!

  1. Yes, the navigation.hbs should be created in the partials folder.
  2. That seems to be a formatting issue to me, should not be included in the .hbs file.

You’re welcome.

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Alright, it “worked” technically, but there must be some changes in the CSS classes that scramble the formatting when copying and pasting the tutorial code. I really appreciate the help nonetheless!