Attempting to migrate posts to Ghost

I’m running the latest version of Ghost, which I updated today. It’s running on Ubuntu 22.04 hosted on and can be found at I followed the instructions provided in the Developer Docs and configured everything as it was recommended there. I have attempted to use the built-in migration tool to upload my exported posts from The export includes a JSON file as well as associated media. When I attempt the import, I get no notification via email or otherwise that the import failed, but it obviously does because none of the posts are imported.

How can I better understand what is causing the import to fail and/or how I can I attempt to fix it? Thanks for your help.

Worth mentioned that while I’m not a developer, I’m a fairly technical person that has been self-hosting for many years.

I’d have a look in the Ghost logs - you can find them at (ghost folder)/content/logs. Hopefully the problem is generating a useful log message.

You could also start Ghost with ghost run -D, which produces very spammy console logging and might reveal more.

Here’s the output from the error log. Looks like something with the structure of the JSON file that it’s attempting to import?

{“name”:“Log”,“hostname”:“dev”,“pid”:3374,“level”:50,“version”:“5.79.4”,“err”:{“id”:“df901220-d42a-11ee-b06a-4d9761a9b126”,“domain”:“”,“code”:null,“name”:“IncorrectUsageError”,“statusCode”:400,“level”:“critical”,“message”:“Wrong importer structure. meta is missing.”,“help”:“"\”",“stack”:“IncorrectUsageError: Wrong importer structure. meta is missing.\n at Object.doImport (/var/www/\n at ImportManager.doImport (/var/www/\n at async ImportManager.importFromFile (/var/www/\n at async /var/www/\n at async JobManager.worker (/var/www/”,“hideStack”:false},“msg”:“Content import was unsuccessful Wrong importer structure. meta is missing.”,“time”:“2024-02-25T22:11:49.963Z”,“v”:0}