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I new to ghost and would migrate from Wordpress 5.3. I have successfully download the Zip file and also the json file. But the Migration don’t work.
After click upload the zip file at the import tool. I get no error message or anything.
When I try to import the json file I get the message that the json file has an wrong fileending. With the cli tool I get this:

:/var/www/ghost$ ghost import /home/sshadmin/*.json

A SystemError occurred.

Message: Import file not found or is not valid JSON

Debug Information:
OS: Ubuntu, v18.04.3 LTS
Node Version: v10.17.0
Ghost Version: 3.1.0
Ghost-CLI Version: 1.13.1
Environment: production
Command: ‘ghost import /home/sshadmin/wp_ghost_export.json’

Try running ghost doctor to check your system for known issues.

You can always refer to https://ghost.org/docs/api/ghost-cli/ for troubleshooting.

Ghost doctor tell me this:

ghost doctor
Found a development config but not a production config, running in development mode instead
:heavy_check_mark: Checking system Node.js version
:information_source: Ensuring user is not logged in as ghost user [skipped]
:information_source: Checking if logged in user is directory owner [skipped]
:heavy_check_mark: Checking current folder permissions
Instance is currently running
:information_source: Validating config [skipped]
:heavy_check_mark: Checking memory availability
:heavy_check_mark: Checking binary dependencies

I try this with Firefox and Windows Edge Browser. The url is https://blog.dasnetzundich.de

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there :wave:. The error says that it either can’t find the file on your machine or the JSON isn’t formatted correctly. Have you checked whether the JSON is valid? Try putting the contents of the file into this tool and see if there are any formatting errors in it:

it shows as Valid, Can you look at the JSON File? Maybe Ghost v1 compatible and not v3?

Hey! I’ve been on vacation which is why I wasn’t able to respond, did you manage to make any more progress with this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Sure, ghost works fine. https://dasnetzundich.de

The Problem was that an } was missing at the end of the file. After fixing the import works really fine.

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Awesome :raised_hands: