Attempting to turn on Experimental Features

Hey there, I’m trying to figure out how to enable the enableDeveloperExperiments switch, but I can’t figure out where to enable it. Does anyone know where I can turn it on? This feature is extremely undocumented, probably because it’s extremely beta.

Hi @StarManTheGamer, you can take a look on an article I wrote about alpha features here: How to Try Alpha Features in Ghost - Benjamin Rancourt

Hey there, I appreciate the response, but I can’t seem to find a settings.json, and I don’t use docker. Any ideas on where I can find this file?

Thanks! :pray:

Hi there,

I attempted to put the following code in my config.production.json file, and still haven’t had any luck.

 "experiments": {
      "enableDeveloperExperiments": true

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Got it working!

Correct code:

"enableDeveloperExperiments": {
      "enableDeveloperExperiments": true