Call for feedback on tutorial "Ghost in A Shell"

I have played a bit more with the docker image of Ghost and I have extended the ‘localhost’ installation to domains with https.

→ I pushed a second blog with the objective to allow developers/ops to easily spawn ghost instances here and there.

I hope it will help some people getting up to speed more easily, and I am eager to get your feedback!

Hi guys !

I published part III of my “Ghost in a Shell” tutorial, about using docker for production, and performance.

It is more dense than the first two ones :

  1. Part I : localhost, that gets you familiar with the main commands of the Makefile, and focus on localhost
  2. Part II : HTTPs is the norm, that shows you how to spawn ghost instances fearlessly on one server

→ let me know if you followed it to the end, and what you took from it !


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