Author Schema to pull from Author/About Page

Hi lovely folks,

I want to add more nuanced structured data to my posts. For instance Ghost, by default, generates very basic Article structured data with the Author as the publisher.

However, I want to have a specific Author page with ProfilePage/AboutPage >> Person schema. And then, I want all the posts to link this page’s Author as the author for the posts. So in that way, whenever I update the Person schema in the About Page for this person, the Author schema for all the other posts automatically get updated. This is because the Author/Person schema for Ghost is quite limited.

And so, how can I replace the author schema automatically generated by Ghost on posts to pull from the author schema on the About page?

FYI: I’m on the Ghost Starter plan.

I have code that does this that I’m making for a client, but it’d require loading a custom theme.

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