{{authors}} not showing up

Hi there, if someone has a moment, I’m having trouble getting {{authors}} to list properly. It’s for my page https://redvan.studio using a modified version of ‘edition’ theme.

I put a couple blue and red box around where I want the authour’s name and picture to show up. I’m calling for them using this the following. And the date and read-time show up okay, but no authors :thinking: Thanks for any and all help

<div class="author-list">
    {{#foreach authors}}
        <div class="author-image-placeholder u-placeholder square">
            <a href="{{url}}" title="{{name}}">
                <img class="author-image u-object-fit" src="{{img_url profile_image size="xs"}}" alt="{{name}}" loading="lazy">
<div class="article-byline-meta">
    <h4 class="author-name">{{authors}}</h4>
    <div class="byline-meta-content">
        <time class="byline-meta-date" datetime="{{date format="YYYY-MM-DD"}}">{{date}}</time>
        <span class="byline-reading-time"><span class="bull">&bull;</span> {{reading_time}}</span>

In the same file (featured.hbs), add include="authors" to the get helper.

{{#get "posts" filter="featured:true" limit="all" include='authors' as |featured|}}
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thanks a lot for the help :+1:

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