Automated social media previews

I’m building a solution to improve how your ghost posts are appearing on social media: GenerateBanners.

When someone share your post on social media, Ghost displays the featured image from the article as the social media preview.

With GenerateBanners, you can configure a custom image that uses post data like the post title to create a unique image for each of your posts.

For example, the publication at is using GenerateBanners so that their article show like this when shared on social media:

I’d love to help more publication look awesome on socials, and to get some feedback on the Ghost integration. Feel free to try GenerateBanners for free while we are in beta!


It’s showing Generatebanners branding. It’d be nice if you create a short video on how banners are updated while creating videos.

Great idea, I’ll update this thread when I publish a video tutorial!

Meanwhile, here are two screenshot on how you can modify the text.

You can modify any text from a template using the “Content” field:

You can also choose to replace the text using the post title (or the author name) when you configure the GenerateBanners/Ghost integration!

@antivirusakash Here is a video tutorial on how to integrate GenerateBanners with Ghost.