[Feature request] Automatically generated fallback social media post covers

Hello everyone!
Tonight, I wanted to figure out how to generate on-the-fly social media covers (since some days I’m too lazy to make them…). I’ve gotten a basic POC setup that takes a base template image, throws in the title, author, and reading duration, and then saves it.

As an example, the endpoint /social-cards?title=What is SEO?&author=Kenton Vizdos&time=4 min read&slug=what-is-seo automatically creates the following image:

It works quite well at getting the images setup, but once I went to deploy it to my blog, I sadly realized there is no option for a URL as the Twitter image so I can’t deploy it (in a fully automated way) :frowning:

So maybe feature request 1 for this is the ability to set custom URLs as the image (w/ post info such as title, author, slug, etc) - cdn.blah.com/social-card?title=post title&author=Me&slug=post-title&time=2 minutes.

Later on though, maybe the ability to upload & customize social cards right in the editor could be cool. My initial thought-flow would be something like this:

  1. Upload/select a “card” theme
  2. Select where you want the text to go
  3. Later when someone is publishing, if the author doesn’t specify a card, create an auto-generated card to be used on social media

My basic POC for just putting text on an image was about 50 lines, but I don’t think it’d be too hard to add in the “editor” (e.g. select where text goes).

In my opinion, this feature would be pretty nice as it’d give the blog the ability to have better recognition when posted on social media as it’d be a uniquely named image while containing constant branding.

I’d be more than happy to help make this feature work, I just noticed on the contributors guide that you should get feedback before working on it / submitting a PR.